This site only uses cookies that are required to make it run, so none can be disabled. The only cookies the site uses are for Intercom as a way for you to get in touch with me. It leaves two cookies in your browser; an ID for you and a count of how many times you visit the site (so you don't get spammed with the same messages multiple times). These are first party cookies and aren't used to track you on other websites.

Your data

I track a few actions in the app to help me understand usage and make improvements:

  • When you open the app.
  • When you share a sticker, and which sticker it was.
  • When you open the support screen, or use the features on that screen.

When you use iMessage's sticker pack, there is no tracking. I don't receive any information about when or how you use it.

You can get in touch and receive replies in the app anonymously. You never have to provide your personal information to get support. If you do choose to share your info, I'll store that. Tracked events will be linked to you if you do.

Any information you provide to me will not be sold or shared. I won't send you marketing messages of my own either. If I am legally required to share information with authorities, I will do so.

You can request access to and/or deletion of data I hold about you. Just get in touch via the messenger and I'll be happy to arrange that for you.